Back in the Hi Vi Again

Reconnect with our communal roots and higher selves with this unique expression of local creativity through all senses. 

When we ask people in East Falls what’s missing in the neighborhood, time and time again we’re told: an entertainment venue. Sure we have some fine spaces – Trolley Car Café has their big bright boxy banquet room and Le Bus has added a full summer schedule of the sort of musical accompaniment customers appreciate with their $21 chicken plates and $15 cocktails. Still.

What neighborhood couldn’t use a funky-chill spot to relax with friends, maybe dance a little with artists and oddballs we might not normally encounter in our day to day circles? For local DJ/artist Jamal Bashir Brockington-Bey, it’s not only fun but it’s spiritually healthy to bring people together with multi-sensory events featuring modern trance grooves and ancient primal beats. The vibrations Jamal generates distinguish Hi Vi Lounge apart from any other form of entertainment you’ve ever encountered

First, the location. This season, Hi Vi Lounge is on Maplewood Mall, above “Books & Stuff” book shop (which was participating as a vendor). The upper floors create an absorbing maze of performances, exhibits, vendors, music, etc that guests are encouraged to explore – and welcomed warmly at every stop. “I’m a hugger!” Jamal laughed when we met at May’s Hi Vi Lounge. He was helping lead a Tibetan prayer bowl session, so we wandered off to explore the event space.

Every room had its own vibe, and inside each were tables with jewelry, glowy candles, cosmetics, books and crystals… Some of the original clothing designs were unreal, and accessories too. Jamal has years of event planning experience, and it shows: Hi Vi Lounge is polished and well-organized.  Plus there was food, included in the $6 ticket price ($10 at the door). But ugh, we’d eaten before we came – and clearly missed out. “Oh man, the food was awesome,” we heard over and over the next day. Next time, we’ll arrive starving, lol.

One thing you won’t find at the Hi Vi Lounge: alcohol. “In my experience it dulls the transformative process, takes you out of the common consciousness and out of step with the frequencies we’re generating together with our music and mindfulness.” And anyway, spiritual connection is an awesome buzz by itself. Trusting the energy Jamal cultivates for the evening is a big part of the fun.

What’s this, you may ask? Saturday June 29th, we will focus on the sensation of Touch with specialized and certified massage therapist, Shykela Smith Bey of MoorThanWellness who will provide special presentations and workshops focused on the ancient methods of healing body and soul with the use of her hands. We invite you to bring your yoga mat and adorn yourself with comfort wear.

Sultry, soulful & soothing music of Dioana Gayle. Live lyrical improv by Kyron Caldwell and Sabrina Dunbar

Our program also entails impromptu performances during segments. We encourage each attendee to be comfortable in a space of free energy. As always, supported by a Chakra soundset to uplift and expand the highest vibrations. Enjoy unique local entertainment plus the holistic rejuvenation of a spa.

This summer, expand your mind with da vibe jawn in Germantown that I am maddeningly only able to scratch the surface of here. You just have to go and let the magic transport you to cosmic bliss. Jamal provided five other tips to getting the most out of Hi Vi Lounge:

  1. Dress comfortably, your mind and your demeanor
  2. Make no expectations
  3. Be prepared to be a vessel
  4. Be prepared to release everything you believe and know
  5. Be ready for a great time, great energy and great sounds!!


8PM – 11PM
Books & Stuff
23 Maplewood Mall (map)
$6 eventbrite/ $10 at the door

Poetic Calisthenics, invigorating food for the mood, feeding mind, body and soul
Special presentations, dance and kinesthesia, music and performances
Laughter, conversations, truth, healing, acceptance
For adults of all stages of life (no children, please) Come as you are. For best results, stick around.
Organizer Jamal Bashir Brockington-Bey is a local concept artist with a gift for using music and art as a means for communal bonding and creative expression.

Fallsers, you can walk here! Hi Vi Lounge is super close & easier than strolling to the river because it’s all flat — and only 1.5 miles! Just follow School House Lane toward Wissahickon Avenue until you cross Green Street into Maplewood Mall. (There’s parking here too, if you need it.) 

For more information, contact Jamal on Facebook or reach out to him on his website


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