So Funny We Forgot to Gasp

We’ve got a long way to go to get people to take masks seriously.

ERs and healthcare workers are approaching their breaking point as the COVID wave intensifies. Hundreds of thousands have lost loved ones or are living with long-term infirmities from surviving COVID. But let’s not forget the true victims – the people whose holiday plans were ruined by our “tyrannical” mayor.

One member of the “Have an East Falls Life” Facebook page expressed her holiday outrage by comparing Kenney to the evil Burgermeister Meisterburger in the classic animated special “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” (A children’s show, of course.)

Julianne S. Yup, that sums it up.


Liz Z. I mean if people had been responsible in the first place we wouldn’t be in the position to have to shut down again. Hospitals are overwhelmed, nurses and doctors and other hospital workers are burning out if not getting sick and dying. Yea it sucks to miss the holidays but I’d rather myself and my family stay alive for years after this one then celebrate this year and have anyone die as a result

Sean S. Jesus Christ this is embarrassing. You’re better than this Julianne. With all due respect, I’m sorry this is irritating to you, but I think it’s too important for public safety for people who see posts making light of the lockdown not to see the counterpoint also there. The absence of it breeds normalization I think.

Pearl J. Would you like to celebrate the new year being intubated in an emergency room? Here’s a great, enlightening, and heartbreaking article on what the folks in the medical community are up against right now   ‘No One Is Listening to Us’ THEATLANTIC.COM

Georgia D Yep. Here we go again. People need to stand up to this asshole. He isn’t a leader at all.

Stephanie E Georgia D — stand up? Please enlighten us on what the Covid response should be.

Georgia D Stephanie E — I’m not enlightening anyone. If you can’t see it for yourself then I can only hope you will soon. Have a great day.

Amanda M Georgia D — I see that there are 3x as many cases today than there were at the beginning of quaratine because everyone is ignoring restrictions. I assume you’re one of them?  (COVID graph)

Brian W Georgia D instead of being vague, and fanning an already raging fire, why don’t you just tell us what you mean? You seem to have knowledge the rest of us don’t. What are we missing here? To me, the facts are plain as day. A record number of people are dying daily, and in order to slow that down restrictions need to be put in place. No one likes wearing a mask and not being able to do things, but if it can help other people than I’m all for it. Call me a sheep or whatever you want, but I don’t like the thought of people dying when they don’t have to

Tanya V Georgia D — as a nurse, I feel obligated to step in here and tell you to stop spreading bullshit. Please. All of the area hospitals are on the brink of being overwhelmed. Covid is very real. Also, it’s not just dying people should worry about. It’s also the possibility of lifelong chronic pain, organ damage and chronic, debilitating fatigue

Alexandra K Georgia D, if you’re going to tell people that we “need to stand up to this asshole,” it’s fair to ask what you’re asking us to do

Brian W Alexandra it seems simple. She wants up to stand up. Instead of sitting down to watch TV, stand up. No more sitting at the dining room table. Stand. No more sleeping in beds. We stand in beds. That’s probably what she means.

Kevin B I’m not a huge fan of Kenney but this is the right call. Just wish we could get more done to help people get through it.

Renda N I worked as a COVID nurse at HUP most of this year. If anyone has any questions regarding safe behavior or would like to have open dialogue, I’m here. We need to drop the politics and ensure we all safely make it to next year.

Melora J Hopefully it’ll be just 1 holiday season. I was just in the hospital with Covid-19 pneumonia. I work in the ER with this when I can work. Other countries have been able to get it together with strict lockdowns. It’s an unfortunate reality. It’s sad that someone has to tell us to do these things. Or tell us what not to do. Be safe.

Kate A Melora Gregory Jones I hope you are feeling better…let us know if we can help at all

Julianne S Lighten up, it’s funny. If you can’t laugh all you do is cry.

Sean S If my older relatives live to get the vaccine I’ll start laughing at these jokes.

Lora M Julianne S — if you think any of this is funny, wow. You or anyone else can hate on the mayor all you want, just keep in mind his actions are going to protect everyone in the city, even people who hate him. If people had done the right thing and had an ounce of common sense, we wouldn’t NEED restrictions or lock downs. Not to mention that the virus really doesn’t give a hoot who you voted for. If folks want to tell jokes to lighten up things… cool. This… isn’t remotely funny.

Alexandra K Julianne S —  My mother lives in the city and I haven’t seen her since my tiny outdoor wedding at the end of August so no, I don’t think this is funny.

Tom J Julianne S  if this is your idea of funny, you must be a casket full of laughs at a funeral

Michael A I’ve lost good friends. Somehow this does not feel funny.

Katreena B Whatever. 🙄 Stay in, or don’t. I’m so sick of this argument. It’s pointless. People are determined to do what they want no matter what. Things won’t be going back to normal until there’s a vaccine at this point. Let’s hope that’s soon.

Brian W No one is saying you can’t celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Years. You just have to do something small and in your home this year. It’s all to keep people safe. That’s it. There’s no hidden agenda. Don’t blame Kenney cause some of ya’ll don’t like to follow rules

Aaron O Everyone coming into the State of PA has to get tested within 72 hours. Everyone has to wear a mask. This is serious.

Regina S You know, it might come as a surprise but there’s lots of people in your life who want you to keep following guidelines because they like having you around, mom. Don’t get mad at the mayor. Get mad at the people around you who think they’re above the restrictions. the other day, I asked a customer to please pull her mask up over her mouth and nose and she looked at me and went “no. I’m wearing it’s. that’s good enough.” People like her are ruining this for everyone. Not local officials trying to keep people alive.

Brian W Regina it’s childish. People like that think this is one big joke, and the government has conspired against them like they’re the main character in a political thriller and they have to solve some big conspiracy. Like, nah ya’ll are just dumb and decided to believe a loud dude with a spray tan because he promised to “drain the swamp,” and he says fun things like, “grab them by the pu**y.” I could go on, but thinking about the guy who LOST the election hurts my head

Regina S I took an order out to a woman’s car the other day and she came out to take it from my hands. and you know what she said to me? “oh, we’re quarantining right now” as if PETCO doesn’t ship. and when I told her that, she said “we wanted to get out of the house.” i almost cried

Brian W Regina they don’t have to go to PETCO! Like you said, they can shop online. If they really wanna get outta the house, just go for a walk through the neighborhood or a park (if there aren’t a lot of people there).

Rick G Nothing for the holidays, brought to you by the denial and incompetence of Donald Trump! #trump #potus #potus45

Bethany T The petulance of America has been so embarrassing this year

Alexandra K A few things some people don’t understand:

  1. Yes, a lot of Covid patients survive, but many will have lifetime health problems because of it.
  2. There is zero evidence that having had it makes you immune. It could be a virus that stays in your system forever. Herpes viruses do this, and they’ve been around a lot longer than covid has.
  3. US hospitals, on average, are 67% full. It doesn’t take a massive surge for them to be completely overwhelmed.
  4. If a hospital is full, you’re not getting in for anything else. This isn’t just about the covid patients; it’s about the ones who are in car crashes, or have heart attacks, or anything else.

According to reports, *most* people are refusing to cooperate with contact tracing. You can partly thank them for where we are now.

Ken H No please continue dying to own the libs

Alexander Y I cant even understand why people would want to eat in doors during a pandemic. also, shame on the govt for not helping people out during all this. they gave us $1200 8 months ago.

Ali B I can’t find any of this funny. Sorry- as someone who is losing their job AGAIN, has no way to save money for the shutdowns this time around, and is immune compromised and been wearing a mask for ten hours a day and getting tested once a week at work- I implore you if you want events, concerts, music, dance, theater to happen again please wear a damn mask and social distance. Government isn’t going to help you.


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