Success Marks The SPOT

Nations’ first “menstrual hub” opens in Germantown

Lynette Medley and her daughter Nya have been on a mission to reduce “period poverty.”  For years, the two have supplied feminine hygiene care packages to women and girls living in poverty across the Delaware Valley. (Last year, they distributed almost 2 million menstrual products.)

On February 20, they amped up their efforts to a new level with the opening of The SPOT Period, a 2,500 square foot menstrual hub at Wayne Junction. (SPOT stands for Safety Programming for Optimal Transformation.) The new space will provide education, care, and menstrual hygiene resources to prevent women from putting themselves at risk for days at a time every month. And there is the Breonna Taylor Room, where Black, Brown and other marginalized women can decompress, because, as Lynette put it, “we understand being a female of color in America isn’t the most safe identity.”

The SPOT will also offer reentry support, with an additional focus on mostly young women and teen girls. Goldenrod Transportation, a rideshare service in Philly, Bucks and Montgomery counties, will be providing reentry services to women who’ve been incarcerated or affected by incarceration.

Another critical offering – which is a luxury for many of the families Lynette serves – are working toilets and running water.

“Many of the women we work with don’t have running water or toilets that work effectively.” she said. “These are populations that have no choice but to use public bathrooms for things that they need to take care of.”

The difficulty is compounded, she added, by the societal shame and secrecy associated with the very normal experience of menstruation.

To combat these hurdles, The SPOT will provide resources and counseling about uterine care, menstrual hygiene and health. Medley also wants to introduce sustainable period products, like menstrual cups.

As a COVID precaution, the hub will be open on a rotating basis to no more than 10 women and girls at a time. Clients are strongly encouraged to pre-register online, will be provided masks if needed, and will undergo on-site temperature checks.

Help fight Period Poverty! Sign the petition at and please consider donating via paypal or GoFundMe, where your contribution goes directly towards funding:

-The Spot Period Hub
-Van for transportation
– computers
-menstrual products

Menstrual rights are Human rights and now is the time to take action. Women are stealing, selling our bodies, staying in abusive relationships, suffering from infections and diseases, soliciting favors, starving, succumbing to sexual abuses and criminal activities, skipping school and work all because they don’t have access to a pad or tampon. Let’s work together to make menstrual equity a reality for all and provide an opportunity for all people on our communities to live in dignity.

The SPOT Period
4811 Germantown Avenue, Suite 101
(215) 485-7881
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Newly elected Representative Darisha Parker and Lynette Medley in the Breanna Taylor room. Parker said during her tour at The Spot’s grand opening, “We witnessed hard work, sacrifice, determination, faith, prayer and the hope of a mother and daughter pay off. And we witnessed history in the 198th!!! We’re thankful for The Spot and Goldenrod Transportation.”

TRUE STORY: Philadelphia’s City Council passed a resolution this February recognizing and honoring Lynette and her daughter for establishing The SPOT and for all their efforts to meet the tremendous need for menstrual products, support and awareness in underserved communities. We’re proud to join councilmembers in their admiration and respect for these dedicated women, tirelessly advocating for others.

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