Summer’s Last Stand

Free Local shindig under the stars at Historic Germantown!

Quick before the weather changes, one more chance to enjoy each other’s company on a local landmark’s wide covered porch, with a sprawling backyard just steps from the famous Market Square. Over this summer of monthly Meet & Greets at Historic Germantown’s headquarters, a lot of guests were surprised to discover such an inviting green space here, enclosed by lovely old architecture on all sides.

The editors of the Local newspaper host, but there’s no agenda or presentation. Consider this the “anti-meeting” – you might recognize some faces from local organizations, but we’re all here as neighbors first. Not that we don’t talk shop or politics. Just as many of us, however, would rather goof off in the grass with the kids.

All welcome! Music, snacks, candy, refreshments of all kinds. Share a plate, raise a glass, make some friends and catch up on community chatter. Find out how our growing newspaper can help promote events, organizations and enterprises to thousands of neighbors. And enrich your experience in NW Philly in general!

Case in point: historic properties connect us with our shared past and also, just the sight of them boosts our sense of well-being. It’s true! Come see! Meet us in Historic Germantown for good vibes and community pride.

Overheard at the last Meet & Greet…

“Feels like a European village square back here!” 

“Wow did you try the white wine with the Nutter Butters?” 

“I’ve lived here all my life, it’s a special place.”

“You do graphic design? Can I give you my card?” 

“You can’t expect businesses to thrive on dirty streets.” 

“Turn this song up please!” 

“It’s great to put faces with the names.” 

“Next time, reach out to more parents. Bring the kids, let them tire each other out.” 

“This September, let’s have some games like bocce or croquet on this great lawn.” 

September Meet & Greet:
Sandy Smith — Philly Magazine & the Local’s Germantown editor
Steve & Carolyn Fillmore — Local founders & East Falls editors
with special guest Greg Paulmier – 8th District City Council candidate (running as an Independent)

Please note: The Local is not officially endorsing Greg, of course — we’re not that kind of paper! — but as a longtime neighbor he’s happy to chat about anything, including his current run for office.

Wednesday September 25
6:30 – 8:30pm
5501 Germantown Avenue

Historic Germantown is a partnership of 18 extraordinary houses, museums and destinations in Northwest Philadelphia organized to protect, preserve and share some of our city’s most prized historical assets.

Historic Germantown’s Library and Archives include an incredible wealth of fascinating documents and publications — lots you can view online, and also available in-person and even via mail. Over 5,000 photos plus books, church records, deeds, scrapbooks and maps going way back to colonial times. Open Tuesdays (9AM -1PM) and Thursdays (1PM – 5PM), contact office for Sunday hours or additional assistance.

Learn more about the history of Germantown and surrounding northwest Philly neighborhoods!  Contact Alex at (215)844-1683, or email with any inquiry. 5501 Germantown Ave. 

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