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Greg Paulmier challenges Cindy Bass for the 8th District Council seat

Greg and wife Lillian (back row). Their kids (l to r) Beau, Cáre, and Drexel.

What seemed like a sure thing for Cindy Bass earlier this year turned into a contest last month when Germantown’s own Greg Paulmier filed petition to run in this November’s election. You may recognize Greg’s name from four previous runs at the 8th District seat (last in 2007). This time he’s running as an independent

Where do you live in Germantown? 221 Winona street (Pulaskitown section of Germantown)

How long have you lived in Germantown? Sixty years

Where did you go to college? Majored in: Business at Temple University, Community College, Philadelphia College of Textiles

Occupation(s): Housing Specialist

Previous experience that qualifies you for office:

  • 40 years Democratic Committee person,
  • 30 years Democratic Leader of the Twelve Ward in Germantown,
  • Founding Board member Habitat For Humanity Germantown Chapter,
  • Past President Wissahickon Boys and Girls Club,
  • Past Board member Metropolitan Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia,
  • Past Board member Central Germantown Council,
  • Past Board member Neighbors Community Program,
  • Past secretary West Side Neighborhood Council.
  • Self-employed Housing Specialist with 40 years’ experience redeveloping abandoned houses in Germantown (which created some employment for neighbors in Germantown and low-income homeownership and low-income rental housing).

Hobbies/interests: Making bread, sailing, bicycle riding

Favorite things about Germantown: The neighbors I grew up with the history, architecture and green spaces

Qualities you possess that will help you succeed as a Council member: Because of my 30+ years of leadership experience, my tireless work ethic and ultimately, my love of our Northwest community.

Why I’m running: I’m running because the present Councilperson has shown poor leadership pertaining to the needs of the taxpayers who elected her.

If elected, I plan to:

  • Work closely with businesses to ensure are business corridors are safe, clean, and have ample convenient parking.
  • Support our schools by fighting for fair funding as well as extending the school day by linking the schools to the local recreation centers that will have vibrant arts and sports programs.
  • Meet with our local police captains monthly to assess our proactive approach in keeping our neighborhood safe.
  • Make sure that assets like Germantown High School, YWCA, Town Hall, and Maplewood Mall are developed in a manner that best suits the community’s interests and needs.
  • Ensure that the past Germantown Settlement properties are used and managed in the best interest of the surrounding neighbor’s wishes and that low-income housing, senior housing, and homeownership remain an option for their reuse.
  • Support green approaches to our environment.

Follow me on my website! And meet Greg at The Local’s Meet & Greet on Thursday September 25th (6:30 – 8:30pm) at Historic Germantown, 5501 Germantown Avenue. 

Gtown Reacts to the Challenger: Facebook Chatter (from Living in Germantown)

August 10

BREAKING NEWS!! Greg Paulmier is running for the 8th Councilmanic District seat against incumbent Cindy Bass!! The NW is going to have a contest about issues…no fluff…issues impacting our District. A true contest for our vote is the only way to get reform for good government, a refocus from BOSS POLITICS, and leadership of ALL PEOPLE! Let’s get involved without fear and with resolve to get rid of Councilmanic prerogative that controls development, gives little more than lip service to crime and safety, does nothing about our schools and decent job training, and uses fear of retaliation to divide, silence, and conquer voices. A two-person race will be the first in many years! Let’s pay attention, pass the word, and make it real on the issues….it could get interesting and bring on grassroots power…wouldn’t that be something? – Yvonne B. Haskins

He won’t win 87% of Germantown saw this before, gentrification will not help him. – Dr Lorenzo Woodson

Fyi. Greg has been around and politically involved long before any gentrification. Let not that issue deter you from considering his candidacy. – Patricia A. Burks

He ran a few years ago – 8 years ago. He has been here his whole life – and family is from here i believe. – Elisabeth Nickles

Dr Lorenzo Woodson Please pay attention to Greg’s campaign that will be launched after Labor Day. He wants to listen to you and others with concerns, ideas, criticism, and, most importantly, with the resolve to be responsible for conditions around us. What can you and WE do together to make things fairer and better? – Yvonne B. Haskins

Yvonne B. Haskins I was committee person in the 12 -20 all the years he was Ward Leader and supported him for both of his City Council bids. I and my wife know him fairly well. What we all need to do is hold Cindy Bass’ feet to the fire! Greg will get no more done than Cindy has done because of the politics that did not get him elected twice in City Hall. Until I see Greg come to the Southwest 39th District to make himself known and let us in on his plan for this Councilmanic District, it’s all ego. – Dr Lorenzo Woodson

Dr Lorenzo Woodson you’re on!! – Yvonne B. Haskins

Dr Lorenzo Woodson Gentrification? What are you even talking about. Oh I see just because he is white? Better come up with a better argument than that. Greg has been a long-time resident of GERMANTOWN. Longer than the current councilperson. – Kristin Haskins Simms

He actually interacts with people on Chelten. I have never once seen Cindy walking the streets. I’ve never seen such a great neighborhood so horribly treated. This is what we need . Someone to fight the power – the corrupt power that is affecting all of us and has for years in this neighborhood. We need candidates to push one another to do better for us. – Elisabeth Nickles

Elisabeth Nickles then push Cindy Bass! Stop changing Council people. Stand with her, hold her feet to the fire. Greg will face the same if not worse in City Council. – Dr Lorenzo Woodson

Dr Lorenzo Woodson dont you think we tried for 8 years w Cindy? It’s her way of handling Germantown high school that is very suspicious and yes, reeks of nepotism. We need someone who lives here with us to know the challenges and needs. He at least has that and is not a career politician. I think he cares for Germantown. – Elisabeth Nickles

I’ve known Greg Paulmier for years. He’s a decent honorable human being and has been active in the community and with the boys club. – Marlena Santoyo

You go Greg! Michael Bush

Do you think people will vote on color? I think this is an issue for white and black…. look at our nation. I think we have to vote for who cares the most and who lives here and knows how to make change and empower us. I moved here when Donna Reed Miller was councilwoman and Germantown was ran worse then. For sure. Why did she keep winning? – Elisabeth Nickles

Too many people running in the primary. She never won with a majority vote. – Jill Saull

Thanks for the info….can’t wait to see some alternative – Villia A Lateef

This is excellent news! I’m definitely going to be supporting him! – Don Maedche

For full Facebook thread, click here.

We’ve heard Greg’s official announcement will come in September, followed by a website and other resources with more info about his campaign. Good luck Greg!

IMPORTANT: We are sharing information about Greg’s candidacy as local news, not as an official endorsement of him for District Council member (that’s something every voter will have to decide for themselves) 

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