Summertime & the Brews are Easy

Rare offerings and specialty collaborations top this “best of summer” list.

Summertime in the city is a great time for beer. Philly Beer Week is almost upon us, with breweries from far and wide preparing to invade our fair city to intoxicate the masses.

Brew-loving, hometown folk and beer tourists alike will be tempted by rare offerings and specialty collaborations, as well as amazing brew-themed events.

With all the excitement it may be easy to overlook what is happening in our own backyard, such as Wissahickon Brewery’s great new seasonal offerings & quizzo nights, the Top of the Falls Event with Love City at the Falls Center, and the East Falls Beer Garden’s second season under the twin bridges, just to name a few.

Recently, I was even surprised by an awesome tap takeover at Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon by Flying Monkey’s Brewery, courtesy of our very own Michael Murphy & local resident and beer-rep Dan Youngblood. (You can thank him for all that Old German — his company, Arrow, distributes it.)

In this month’s article I review some of the highlights from that tap takeover, send a little LOVE to some local friends, and even weigh in on a certain wedding. So, without further ado, let’s go over some sweet summer beers to relax with under the sun!

Live Transmission
The Flying Monkeys Brewery
Barrie, Ontario

  • Strong aromas of citrus & coconut
  • A nice balance of lactose sugar with a creamy mouthfeel
  • Smooth, balanced, hazy-rich golden colored, milkshake IPA with a medium body.
  • ABV 6.3%
  • IBU 60

Many beers have tried to make me Co-Co for Coconuts, but this one delivers! This beer is built for summer, take a sip and be transported to sun filled beaches with coconut oiled bodies. Seriously — it’s like drinking an alcoholic version of Hawaiian Tropic, but in a good way!!! It is also so well balanced that even IPA haters will find this craft to be delightful. Try it with a complementing Thai dish with coconut or break it out with breakfast alongside some banana pancakes or a sweet French toast.

Juicy Ass IPA
The Flying Monkeys Brewery
Barrie, Ontario

  • Aromas of pine, tangerine, & citrus with a touch of caramel
  • Notes of resinous hops with hints of bready malts
  • Golden colored, light-medium bodied, unfiltered American-style IPA balanced with medium carbonation and fruit flavors
  • ABV 6.5%
  • IBU 69

Who knew the Canadians could make a killer American-style IPA? Ok, maybe a few…but not many! The artwork on this craft can, like many of Flying Monkey’s others, is reason enough to buy this affordable import — but wait until you try it! Admittedly, not all people may be fans of a Juicy Ass, and to those Beckys out there, I feel sorry for you. I like big butts and I cannot lie, and this “can” is delicious! Pair this beer with some fried food, creamy brie or gorgonzola, or some caramelized grilled meats off your grill and Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy”…..and if ya don’t know, now ya know!

Smashbomb Atomic IPA
The Flying Monkeys Brewery
Barrie, Ontario

  • Huge citra hop notes with flavors of grapefruit, mango, lime, & melon
  • Big malt backbone adding to a balanced finish
  • Light copper colored, medium-bodied, session-able, surprisingly balanced IPA
  • ABV 6%
  • IBU 72

The name can be deceiving because, even though Smashbomb is citra hopped to the max, the combination of malts used in the brewing process create a super-drinkable, smooth IPA. This beer goes great with any grilled fare and pairs great with spicier foods, helping to smooth out those fiery flavors. I LOVE it alongside Murphy’s carnitas tacos!

Pathways Pilsner
Love City Brewery
Philadelphia PA

  • Light floral aromas
  • Clean, crisp, and refreshing flavors with a hint of spice
  • Light-medium bodied, straw colored pilsner, with a delightful effervescence that goes down smooth
  • ABV 5.3%

Everyone already knows how much I LOVE, LOVE CITY but they keep on giving me more reasons to stay infatuated! This beer was brewed as a collaboration between Love City and Pathways to Housing PA, a local non-profit that helps the homeless find support & housing, and part of the proceeds from every pour go back to the charity, so you can feel good and drink good beer! Pair this easy drinking craft with your favorite slice of pizza, a burger hot off the grill, or even a light summer salad — it will pair well with almost anything!

Don’t forget to check out Love City right here in East Falls at the Top of the Falls event on June 10th!

Harry & Meghan’s Windsor Knot
Windsor & Eton Brewery
Windsor, United Kingdom

  • British pale ale brewed with local ingredients, some grown on the Royal Farm.
  • ABV 4.5%
  • IBU 60

I’m a Suits fan, which means I’m a Meghan Markle fan, despite her marrying a certain ginger-headed, second-inline Brit. Plus, East Falls has some deep roots when it comes to royalty, via our beloved Princess Grace and let’s face it, this beer may be the closest most of us ever get to royalty!

This beer is the ONLY wedding beer brewed with barley grown on the Royal Farms and made with a special blend of British hops named Invicta in recognition of Prince Harry’s role in the Invictus Games!

The last time Windsor & Eton brewed a beer for Prince William & Kate Middleton’s wedding, it got high praise from many beer nerds near and far, so this beer is a pretty good bet for any collector or beer aficionado. This special ale can be shipped right to your very own castle through Ales by Mail.

Here’s to Cheers & Plenty of Beers,



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