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Just in time for the Philly Flower Show, JK highlights his favorite flora-infused beers!

It’s March again, and now that the city hasn’t burned down after an Eagles SUPERBOWL Win and Jason Kelce has Officially become the Coolest Person Ever in Philly (The guy will never have to pay for another beer again in this fine city…and I’m okay with that), what’s a Fallser to do??? 

Go to the BEST FLOWER SHOW in the country/world of course, The Philadelphia Flower Show, well that and drink some great beers infused with ALL kinds of flora!  This year’s theme is Wonders of Water, and nothing is as wonderful as when water is turned into beers, ales, and spirits!  So here are some amazingly crafted brews that incorporate some interesting floral arrangements to bring your beer enjoyment into full bloom!

Here’s to Cheers & Plenty of Beers,


Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA
Elysian Brewing Company
Seattle, Washington

  • Aromas of jasmine, lemongrass, & honeydew
  • Rich floral flavors mixed with barley & ginger
  • Smooth, rich, copper-colored, medium-bodied IPA with hoppy backbone
  • ABV 6.3%
  • IBU 43

This craft brew will have you loving Jasmine more than Aladdin on a flying carpet.  This beer’s complex aromas pair amazingly with a spicy Thai curry or add a nice complex layer to the tangy flavors of a fresh goat’s milk cheese.  Try this with some honey drizzled pound cake or shortbread cookies for dessert and you’ll be equally delighted.  This beer is versatile, and the aroma and flavors are not forced, so it’ll also pair well with many other combinations.  Step into a Whole New World with this Jasmine infused delight!

Boulevard Hibiscus Gose
Boulevard Brewing Company
Kansas City, Missouri

  • Light aromas of citrus and floral hibiscus
  • Slight tart and salty flavors with a big acidic finish
  • Refreshing, medium-bodied, pink, effervescent, sour, Gose with a balancing light acidic sweetness
  • ABV 4.2%
  • IBU 11

This Gose may have certain drinkers tip-toeing through the tulips like Tiny Tim, due to its tart flavor, but for those open to sour beers it’s awesome.  This beer is a great contrast for fatty, grilled meats like barbequed brisket or ribs, it’s acidity and saltiness helping balance the savory flavors.  I love it alongside a nice shrimp ceviche, grilled fish, or a lighter salad, and it looks great with it’s effervescent bubbles and pink color.

Telegraph White Ale
Telegraph Brewing Company
Santa Barbara, California

  • Aromas of wheat, orange, and coriander
  • Zesty citrus and spice notes with light bitter herbal flavors from the chamomile
  • Hazy, unfiltered, light-medium bodied, white ale with a well-balanced dry finish.
  • ABV 4.5%
  • IBU None

 This classic wit beer is great when paired alongside seafood, I love it as a base for mussels or to accompany fresh oysters.  Try it alongside a fresh seafood pasta or grilled seabass and you’ll be greatly satisfied.  It will also pair well with lighter fare such as a fresh arugula & citrus salad.  This awesome ale proves chamomile isn’t just for your grandma’s tea!

Captain Lawrence Hops N’ Roses
Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
Elmsford, New York

  • Aromas of tropical fruit, floral hops, and hints of spice
  • Strong notes of Hibiscus with hints of apple, raspberry, and wood
  • Rose-gold, medium-bodied, effervescent, sour ale aged in wine oak barrels and brewed with rose hips, elderflower, & hibiscus with a balancing funky tartness
  • ABV 7%
  • IBU None

Ummm….an ale homage to Guns & Roses, that’s cooler than Slash sneaking a mountain lion into the Four Seasons!  (Yep, he really did it!) Even if you don’t love sour ales don’t cry, just have a little patience.  This beer is awesome cutting through some elegant chocolate desserts or paired with some fatty indulgent cheeses like a cave-aged brie or funky blue cheese.  This sour can welcome to the jungle any novice to sours, as well as, take any wild ale lover down to Paradise CityIt’s so easy to get in the ring with this great ale!



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