Vigil for the Vote

Seniors Tell Toomey: Stop Blocking S.1!

Thursday June 30: A crowd of twenty seniors from Cathedral Village along with neighbors from Roxborough and Mt. Airy weathered 98 degree weather to demonstrate for voting rights at the corner of Cathedral Road and Ridge Avenue in Andorra.

The group called out PA Senator Pat Toomey for joining all other Republican senators to block debate on S.1, the For the People Act, a sweeping package of pro-democracy, anti-corruption ballot reforms for greater access, insurance, and integrity. They implored passing drivers to call Toomey’s office (215-241-1090) and urge him to change his vote immediately.

August Break – a Deadline for Democracy

In poll after poll (after poll), the For the People Act is overwhelmingly popular with voters on all political spectrums, even as Republicans strain to suggest campaign finance reform is an attack on free speech. While the senate takes its usual summer recess this August, Indivisible chapters across the country mobilize to demonstrate grassroots support for improving and securing our democracy.

Fair and ethical elections benefit all of us, it’s vital that we defend our rights! Please consider joining other citizens in demanding public, transparent elections. Learn more about Senate Bill 1 at, where you can click on links to record a video for Congress, or send an email urging Senator Toomey to reconsider his obstruction of fair debate. You can also connect with local chapters hosting meetings and events:

East Falls
Lover Merion

Of course, Indivisible at Cathedral Village will keep fighting the good fight – to synch up with these progressive seniors, contact Vigil for the Vote organizer Dennis Brunn

State Rep Pam Delissio with Charlie Day (Indivisible, Cathedral Village)

Big thanks to Dennis for sharing his photos and event recap!

We love showing neighbors flexing their civil rights. Send us your pics, tell us what’s going on in your own voice so we can spread the word here to our readers. Email


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