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Kimmel Center’s free Fall Arts Fest highlighted Philly talent with free resources (as told by Local contributor & featured artist Exhibit A). 

Last month the Kimmel Center hosted its annual Fall Arts Fest, featuring dozens of local artists, including one of the Local’s contributors, Exhibit A. She had this to say about the event and the healing power of art:

We hosted a mental health resource table and community mural, which  highlighted the benefits of therapy and self expression.

It was such a profound experience being immersed in the Center, surrounded by individuals with “out of this world” talent! From jazz to drum majors, opera to show choir, the building was filled with beautiful music and vibrations of life.

Our table was one of many providing much-needed community resources and fun for all! We discovered that, even for those who are familiar with therapy, it’s still difficult to find the right person or method of expression.

We were happy to offer art as another way for people to find joy and contemplation, especially during these difficult times!

A special thank you to the Kimmel Center for bringing together artists and resources that are imperative to our city’s whole wellbeing!

For more information on Creative Arts Therapy or how to book a session,

We provide a range of therapeutic options, from traditional talk to creative activities that can build on each other toward holistic wellness and healing. Not just for kids! Every brain can benefit from tapping into our abstract and expressive sides. 

Photos courtesy of Exhibit A.

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