Freeze Frame on History: Photo Tour of East Falls

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Grab your camera for a fun, informal tour of pretty houses framed in brilliant autumn scenery.  Local historian & photographer Joe Minardi leads while rookie shutterbug Carolyn Fillmore runs sweep.  SUN OCT 25 11am McMichael Park

Joe Minardi knows his way around East Falls. His 2014 book, Historic Architecture of East Falls, Manayunk & Roxborough, details our neighborhood’s abundance of fascinating styles of houses. From gabled Tudors to Spanish-tiled roofs — with landmarks like Princess Grace Kelly’s family home, to the park where Ed Rendell’s dogs play — East Falls indeed is a photographer’s (& a historian’s) playground. 

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Joe’s a scholar who can answer all our questions, but he’s also a talented photographer with an eye for cool architectural details. We’ll tag along as Joe highlights all the funky points of interest on our streets. You’ll never look at East Falls quite the same again!

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EastFallsLocal’s rookie shutterbug, Carolyn Fillmore, will be on hand with a few extra point-n-shoot cameras for anyone who’d like to give digital photography a try (email ahead if you’d like to reserve one). She’s also familiar with a lot of different digital camera brands, and is happy to share tricks & pointers to help you get the most out of your equipment. 

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Planning to attend the East Falls House Tours already? Joe’s tour provides a complementary neighborhood overview of history & architectural styles, timed to be finishing up nearby just as the house tours are starting off.  (You’ll need to put your camera away for those tours, though). 

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Just $10 per person. Here’s the EventBrite page (cash the day of the event will work, too).  Meet at McMichael Park, where the sign is at Henry and Coulter (near the Kelly Family marker, which will be the first stop in the tour). 

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We’re also putting together some lunch specials with local restaurants, so we can make it a day if we want to. Hey if you reeeeally wanna make it a day, come down for the Pack Walk at 9:30 am, then pick up with Joe’s tour 30 minutes later right from the same spot.

Proceeds support Joe’s next book (in progress), “Philadelphia Perspectives: Philadelphia’s Residential Development 1890 – 1920.”

Joe’s no stranger to tour-guiding — he’s very active in University City’s Historical Society, and a member of several others — but this’ll be his first private endeavor to help fund research that he’s very excited to share. 

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Join us for Joe’s photo tour:  Support local history nerds and camera geeks!  Learn neat trivia, some of which might stick in your brain, possibly bumping out the lyrics to that Wham song, finally. And it’s cool how focusing the eye gives us fresh perspective on streets we walk so much, we barely see them.

Come take a new look at old East Falls! 

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Hope to see you there! Click for tix!

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