Good Morning, East Falls (and some Good Nights, as well)


Good morning, East Falls!

Back in October, we thought it’d be fun to post a photo a day — just something random, snapped with my secret “point & shoot” weapon.

This daily “good morning” pic quickly became one of our most popular features, winning us some of the nicest comments from nostalgic East Fallsers who’ve moved surprisingly far away (shout out to Kildare, Ireland!).

We’ve compiled all these December 2014 Facebook photos here where they can be viewed at higher resolution, and by those who don’t have Facebook (for funzies, we picked some random comments from online chatter, click names to follow the conversation).

I am really enjoying all these pictures of East Falls” Ann Bartuska

East Falls’ street scenes are incredibly diverse, yet distinctively local.  East Falls has its own “look” — strands of similar houses, knitted in wherever they fit, in tying the neighborhoods together.

Punctuated by positively pastoral perspectives

And creative pops at every turn. How can these beachy chairs on Calumet not make you smile?

Or this swirly sidewalk art on Sunnyside?

Fioriono’s restaurant perks up the corner of Krail & IQL, attracting locals and rave reviews around Philadelphia.

“Beautiful colors … and clean window!” Allison Hirst O’Callaghan

“Great picture” Christina Kistler 

“Happy New Year My Friend!!” Lenny Carrozza 

East Falls has great “sneak appeal,” too — always fun to pop out from either end here and startle less-savvy pedestrians on Midvale & IQL

“We love the “Harry potter” short cut to Wee Care!”  Katie Holeman

Division Street is another little local stretch, easily overlooked

Gee it looks nice!”  Toni Crocco-Faison

A local landmark from Midvale Ave…

“It’s good to see that the building is being kept in good shape. Terrific.”  — Jim Conyers

Falls of Schuylkill Baptist Church’s soffit

Back to Sunnyside — photogenic  even in a dreary December rain

So is Conrad street, with its cheerfully painted rowhomes.

Pretty!” Rose Urban

Love the painted homes reminds me of Ireland.”  Lisa Brehony

Rain brings a dreamy quiet to Penn street’s charming cottage-y Tudors

“Love this street. Great pics!” Jackie Jenkins

Gritty looks pretty when the light’s right on Cresson

“Zumpanos!”  Bob LaPorte

“Best shoemaker ever.”  Lisa Brehony

“Home sweet home” Anne Judge

“Bottom of the street where I grew up”Rich Kelly

“My old house”Jessica Anne

“Omggg… my old house…. I CAN SEE my bedroom window .. memoriesss”s  Suzanne Lee

A look at the Mills from the railroad crossing at Scotts Lane

For some reason, this new sign has since been covered over with black plastic

“We are getting a new mural courtesy of City Year and SEPTA. The new station will take a few years but it is in the pipeline and there is money for it at SEPTA. Finally, no more trailer!”  Gina Snyder

An exact replica of the old one would be great, right down to the long wooden bench seat and coal burning heater in the waiting room”Russ Gardner Sr.

Zooming in on  Christmas eve commuters at East Falls train station

Thanks for sharing these pictures, I am enjoying seeing them.”Carol Taylor

That is so cool, thanks.”Allison Hirst O’Callaghan

Sun comes up over railroad tracks

“This looks like the bottom of Bowman st. Love it!”  Russ Gardner Sr.

LEN’S!”  Kim Verdone Whitehouse

Len’s — Bo-Bo’s”  Darlene Rodgers Spino

Yes…my Bo-Bo’s are there! Cuz they make your feet feel fine!” Theresa Triola

“I‘m lost. Is that the GREEN CORNER on the right? What’s the high roof?”  Jim Conyers

The high roof just behind the Green Corner is American Steel Building (Now Yellow Cab?) Big square thing to the left is a bill-board looking over the expressway.” Russ Gardner Sr.

Another view of Conrad in the early morning (that’s where the coffee is!)

SEPTA pulls into East Falls train station, at the bottom of Sunnyside

“Michele Verdone Carr, your old house!”  — Frank Lally

“My old street”  — Paula Holesworth Dougherty

City street scene from Scotts & Crawford

“Thank u for posting pics from my home town” — Patricia Spedding Dornblum 

“Nice billboard!” — Joe Boyle 

“I see the house I grew up in on Crawford St.” — Dave McElvenney 

“Scenes from my old bedroom window!” — Rose Urban 

Thanks so much for your comments, shares and likes, looking forward to reviewing our first year blogging in East Falls, including pics and recaps of local fests, markets, holidays, block parties, dinner dances and dog walks.

Cheers for our fun, active, interesting neighborhood in this historic corner of Northwest Philly!


  1. I enjoy your postings; keep up the great work! East Falls is a hidden gem with much to offer. I appreciate its long history (with most of my ancestors and family settled here), diversity of people and housing and proximity to the outdoors with the parks and river as neighbors
    yet close to center city.

    • It is a great place, isn’t it? We can’t wait until the weather turns so we can get outdoors and show off the natural beauty of the Falls.

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