SNOWMAGEDDON 2016! East Falls Hunkers Down


Well that was fun! According to the latest dispatch from the National Weather Service, our storm has moved on: let the digging out begin!  **UPDATED 1-24-16**  More pics and video of the storm in East Falls. 

Eastfallslocal ef bridge effect snowy steve ducky dig out post reported snow totals of up to 3 feet of accumulation in some areas  (they were also posting hourly updates). Sunday’s looking cool & cloudy: Let the dig out begin! Meanwhile, enjoy these pics & videos from Jonas’s visit to East Falls…

Eastfallslocal collage thanks for sharing

Share your neighborhood pics with the world! Tweet @EastFallsLocal or tag us on Facebook (where we’re trying to cover every nook & cranny, ha). Photos from our walks around East Falls, Sunday, January 24th:

Eastfallslocal COLLAGE UPDATES

Eastfallslocal collage for post updates blizzard

Eastfallslocal baz facebook 8 x 10

THANKYOUVERYMUCH:  Above shares from @MotorCityN8, Heather Petrone-Shook, and Bastiaan Slabbers, our favorite local Dutch guy and roaming photo-journalist (who always seems to be up to something interesting — here’s his NewsWorks gallery of the blizzard, too).

In East Falls, we had quite a coffee run this morning! Left Gypsy Lane Condos around 6:45 am, to find sidewalks largely unshoveled and roads — while the main ones had been plowed — were still pretty thick with gunky wet snow.

Eastfallslocal COLLAGE abandoned cars

Of the few cars that were on the road, many seemed to be having difficulty (big surprise, I know!) — we even saw a plow truck stuck in the snow off Schoolhouse lane.

The river’s icing over in a cool rippled pattern, and the wind is whipping up snow drifts everywhere. No paddlers on the river, except for the feathered kind.

Eastfallslocal 1-23 SNOWMAGEDDON --collage calumet etc

At 8:00 am, Calumet Street was still unplowed and untrodden. Lured me uphill with its pretty colorful rowhome facades, then trudging that steep climb in a foot of fresh snow was brutal. Dammit, Calumet. About halfway up I seriously considered lying down to make snow angels.

Eastfallslocal COLLAGE trains town

This is a heavy, windy storm.  Weather channel says this baby’s gonna keep going through the weekend, and require a ton of cleanup.

Eastfallslocal neighborhood snow collage

Stay warm, East Falls! Keep tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for more pics & video, plus updates on what’s open, who’s out here, and how’s everything going on a super-local level.

Eastfallslocal bridge collage

PS. Isn’t it purdy, though?!

Eastfallslocal auto 1-23 SNOWMAGEDDON --skew bridge ice snow geese survey wide 2 AGAIN px 8 x 10 effect text

Can’t get enough of East Falls in the snow? Don’t miss “UP THE NUTS,” Russ Gardner’s charming & nostalgic post about winter as a neighborhood kid here in the 50’s.

Up the Nuts totebag or throw blanket maybe

Video from last year…


  1. I’m stationed at the School of Infantry at Camp Geiger NC and this makes me miss home a little. As much as I never want to live in that neighborhood again, this made me miss it! Thanks for posting and braving the elements to capture all that white gold!

    • Wow, this is the best compliment we’ve received in a long time! Thank you Ryno! Glad it brought back some good memories. BTW, did Jonas hit you hard in NC? Saw snow fell in Charlotte?

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