Throwback Thursday: McDevitt Flashback to 1981

Coach McNic let us walk off (temporarily) with some really cool pics and mementos from McDevitt, including this program from East Falls’ Sports Association’s 5th Annual awards banquet, Sunday February 1st, 1981 — at Riverside East:

We’re not even gonna try to pretend were were there, but we certainly remember community sports in the 80’s. Flipping through the pages of Coach’s programstill brings on the nostalgia.

We hope you’ll enjoy these image scans as much as we do. Cheers!

PS Apologies to Coach for mixing up his father’s neighborhood (“upper Tilden”) with his, which was indeed — as many kind folks pointed out to us on Facebook —  Indian Queen Lane.  Glad we could clear that up (and sheeeeesh, East Fallsers are specific, ha!)

Read more about East Falls history from Closing Time, a memoir by a guy who shares some scars from growing up when the neighborhood was rough around the edges. SCROLLER’S BONUS — An ad from EFSA’s 6th annual banquet in 1982, plus photos! Enjoy…







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