Tis the Season for Teacher Appreciation

So we were catching up with Felicite Moorman and Ryan Buchert the other day of BuLogics, the tech company you may have noticed in the ground floor of the Mason’s building at Ridge & Midvale. They’d really wanted to attend the last East Falls Business Association meeting, but at the last minute other obligations popped up and, anyway, we had notes to share.

Felicite asked who was doing the “Classroom Clean Up” this year and we were all… uhhhh… duh, what?

She told us how, in other places she’s lived, local businesses would “adopt” a classroom in the neighborhood school every year, and pick a weekend they’d all come in and work on their rooms, painting & repairing, providing bookcases, study materials, whatever was needed.

How many classrooms in Mifflin? K thru 8 means we’d just need 9 businesses to sign up, that’s not an unrealistic number out of all the establishments in East Falls. Maybe put some feelers out? Plan something for the Spring… ?

She suggested we sit down with some teachers first, and then parents and even kids. Ask what they need, ask what they want. What can be better? How? It’s in every businesses’ best interest to support the community that sustains them.

So last week, we caught up with Mifflin’s 6th, 5th and 3rd grade teachers, and discovered a unified front not afraid to speak out about how badly they could use  tech support,  library volunteers — maybe someone who could help bring back Mifflin’s music program.

December 19th’s Winter Show, for instance, was something the teachers themselves volunteered their own time to put together. “The children love to sing,” Principal Mason told us — so during the busiest time of the year, Mifflin’s teachers take on extra responsibilities to make sure the children perform for their families and celebrate the season.

Spread some Holiday cheer to Mifflin’s hard-working, dedicated teachers. Check out Mifflin’s AmazonWishList every grade’s got its own list of items in all price ranges.  Just click to ship directly to the teachers!

Click HERE TO BROWSE & SHOP WISHLISTS (or search “MifflinElementarySchool” ):

While you’re at it, sign up for AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate .5 PERCENT OF EVERY PURCHASE towards Mifflin School through East Falls’ Development Corporation:  100% of all AmazonSmile proceeds will go directly to Mifflin School — not just WishList items, but everything you buy through AmazonSmile.

Login at “smile.amazon.com” (you can use your existing Amazon account info), enter “East Falls Development Corporation,” and click it from the drop-down menu of charitable organizations that appears:

Questions?   Drop us a line for a personal response or post a comment below so we can clarify for everyone.  Here’s hoping Mifflin’s teachers get a little something extra in their stockings this year. Looking forward to more business community collaborations with the teachers, parents and kids of Mifflin in 2015.

PS.  Mifflin School’s winter celebration show is 9:30 am Friday December 19th. East Falls Historical Society president Steve Fillmore will be leading a special retrospective tour following the performance, and again at 6:00 pm that evening.  FREE




  1. When I add something from the wishlist to my cart for some reason it doesn’t auto ship to Mifflin. Is it supposed to? Maybe I am missing something obvious. Thanks

  2. Nope, you were right: the Mifflin address was wonky but it’s all good now. Thanks so much for your trouble-shooting, you da best!

  3. I can’t thank this wonderful neighborhood enough! I have already been the recipient of some supplies on my “Wish List.” My students were so excited to receive new flashcards and COLORED dry erase markers. It really is the little things that matter most! Thank you to Tim Shin for your donation and everyone in East Falls who support Mifflin. We are so lucky. My room (108) is always open, so please feel free to visit. Thanks again.

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