Holiday Scrapbook 2014

Pics of Christmas past… 

Merry Christmas 2014!

While there’s been no Winter wonderland (image editing aside), East Falls during the holidays provides seasonal scenes at every corner.

Here are December’s most popular Facebook photo posts, all conveniently in one place (but inconveniently sloppy with the place names, sorry — we’ll add more info as we identify what’s what).

Presbie church (Vaux & Midvale) with festive red & green shrubbery

Eagle fans on Calumet — Go, birds!

Holly-bordered gate to “secret” garden on PhillyU’s campus

Cheeky neighborhood Santa sign

Cemetery at St. James the Less with seasonal red foliage

Red shutters and doors on this rowhouse almost glowed in afternoon flurries December 9th

Christmas Day, our fire station’ s open & at attention, ready if we need ’em

Street scene, Indian Queen Lane

December 5th

December 23rd

December 22nd

East Falls House‘s tree at the Hohenadel mansion

Christmas eve caroling at St. Bridget’s

Calm and bright…

Shine on, East Falls!

On the third day of Christmas….

Happy holidays, always! 



    • You’re right! Been trying to get a shot of Epicure all pretty with Christmas lights at night but haven’t figured out a way to get a clean shot with all the cars parked out front all the time. If you’ve got a good pic to share….. 😉

  1. Great job and wonderful photos! The last picture of the wreathed house is ours, and I’m honored it made it into the photoblog!

    Happy New Year, all!

  2. My daughter, son-in-law and grandson just moved to East Falls this year. I am enjoying all the East Falls news and history. Makes me glad they moved there. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you so much Mary. We’ve met Juliet, Gavin, and Graeme and we’re glad they moved here too! Happy New Year to you!

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