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It’s Everywhere! Stores, Gas Stations, Online. What Is CBD?

The idealist in me wants to solve all the world’s problems. Easy right? Well, you have to start somewhere, so I decided to create a company around a plant that’s getting a lot of buzz lately as a potential solution to all sorts of issues – hemp! After reading that the Federal 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp, I decided to do more research and found that hemp might be the ‘ideal’ plant.

For starters, growing it regenerates soil, making it an ideal crop. Once harvested, it has a ton of uses — paper, plastic, wood substitute, concrete, clothing, medicine, fuel, and food. All the products are sustainable and superior to those made by traditional means. Wow! WTF! Why has this been outlawed for so long? So I began to look into the seemingly endless possibilities.

Originally, I focused on textiles. Hemp produces fabric that is anti-microbial, provides better temperature comfort, is more durable, and is produced using less water and pesticides while leaving little or no harmful byproducts. Unfortunately, the entry price point to build a textile mill proved beyond my means.

Which brings me to my current endeavor. There is already an established market for CBD, possibly a more fascinating sector.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the top two of approximately 100 cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. CBD is consumed by humans and animals alike. Many are familiar with THC, the “other” cannabinoid that causes a high when consuming marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive.

The hemp plant itself has a long history in treating a wide variety of health issues – in fact, it’s been used around the world for about 10,000 years. It wasn’t until recently that science discovered the different cannabinoids in hemp. Although research has been ongoing, there is still much to learn. However, its use throughout history to modern times has produced overwhelming anecdotal evidence.

Fact is, our bodies have endocannabinoid receptors. Shazam! We were made to process this! They fit together like a lock and key. And this system regulates homeostasis, or the body’s way of keeping you balanced. As with most items used for personal health purposes, dosage and effects can vary from person to person.

The FDA has already approved one CBD-derived product for the treatment of seizures. Some preliminary research has even indicated hemp can inhibit certain cancers. Users insist it “cures” any number of symptoms. By far the most common are anxiety, insomnia, and chronic inflammatory pain.

Regulatory agencies are rushing to keep up with the marketing explosion. The USDA recently introduced their interim regulations (that will sunset after a trial period that includes the 2020 growing and harvesting season). So far, only that one seizure drug has been FDA-approved but there will no doubt be many more as regulations lift and research expands.

Unfortunately, due to its recent resurgence and lack of general public knowledge, there are unscrupulous characters claiming it is a ‘cure-all’ and placing it in every product under the sun, including food, drink, chapstick, and even clothing. Now some of these may be legit, but others are a little suspicious. Worse yet, some brands have been found to contain 0% CBD (according to testing done in the UK).

Bottom line is, I can attest to some of the benefits myself, and other users agree. But be wary. Do your due diligence and make sure the company is reliable and the claims align with the evidence.

I am excited about the huge growing network of farmers, researchers, retailers, researchers, and entrepreneurs right here in Pennsylvania, a state with a long history of industrial hemp production. Producers in PA even supplied the Navy at one time!

I spoke to experts. I went on some field trips to farms and conferences. I was introduced to one of the first farms to grow hemp in PA (after the 2018 Farm Bill). I went for a visit. It’s a small farm. Turns out it’s run by a young, progressive, and very gracious couple practicing regenerative farming. This growing practice brings us back to farming that heals the soil, emits less carbon, utilizes less harmful substances, and generates great plants. Sounded like the perfect fit.

They pointed out that they are more interested in quality than quantity. And it shows. Their Farmer’s Batch unrefined hemp oil is impressive. Dropping a bit under the tongue is like getting a little dose of green sunshine. And, just in time for the holidays, you could potentially avoid those dinner table confrontations with relatives. A little in the family dinner, burned as incense, given as a gift. Who knows? Maybe even your crazy Uncle Joe could be tamed.

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Breaking! you can find Leefpeeps CBD products in East Falls at NouVaux Market (MAP LINK). 


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