Happy Camper Report, Summer 2016


Playground, schmayground — day camp at McDevitt provides good times and adventure in our own backyard, and beyond. Camp director (and lifetime local) Rachel Tschanz’s updates us with pics from the first week of fun. 

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McDevitt offers Summer day camp? You betcha! Boys and girls from 6 to 12 enjoy six weeks of play, friendship, field trips, and special surprises. Best of all, kids meet from all over the neighborhood, fostering friendships that bridge age-old race and class divides.

This year’s new camp director shares photos full of smiles and silliness, as she admires how well her campers demonstrate qualities like empathy and understanding. Perhaps there’s a lesson for all of us here?

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My name is Rachel Tschanz and I am proud to be running McDevitt Summer Camp this year!

I am 27 years old and I was born and raised in East Falls, just as my parents were. I actually attended the camp as a child and then began my start as a junior counselor when I was young. I worked my way up and I’ve landed the role of  camp director.

Since I’ve been 15 I’ve worked for McDevitt minus a few summers, and it is my favorite job ever! There is no greater feeling than giving back to my own community and helping the youth from my neighborhood. I take pride in my neighborhood, recreation center, and the great sense of camaraderie and community here in East Falls.

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I just wanted to share a few pictures of us thus far this year — we are having a blast! We’ve enjoyed  a bowling trip, a skateboarding class from outside facilitators, our own version of team Olympics, a balloon toss, kickball, dodgeball, red Rover, just to name a few. You can’t forget about our outside sprinkler system that keeps us cool!

Our crew of children are incredible. I am proud to say that we are a very racially-mixed camp. With all of the current hate and tragedies going on, it is heart warming to see children respecting, understanding, and caring for one another. I believe we should all take notes. We have not had one fight, one altercation, or any bullying. It says something not only about the children, but also about their families and community.    — RT

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McDevitt’s Summer Camp provides games, field-trips, and two meals daily for six weeks of good times with other neighborhood kids, ages 6 to 12.

Pick up an application from McDevitt Recreation Center, 3531 Scotts Lane (2-9 PM Mon-Fri & 8AM-3PM Saturday). Sign & return with the camp fee.

Call Red Dog (Tom McNicholas) at 215-685-2197

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All photos thanks to Rachel Tschanz 

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