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Clothes that move & groove with you — plus give back to the environment and community. A very yogic swimsuit shoot at Alden Park, with PhillyU senior and sustainable living advocate Nicole Boychuck.   

Yoga has hit East Falls hard this summer, with all ages & body types coming out for communal stretch-fests from McMichael Park to Wissahickon Brewing Company — and even the Mills, where Opportunity Barks hosted “Doga” featuring asanas for two legs, and four.

Although yoga’s not a team sport, these days it’s a great social activity where you can get a glow going with your neighbors that often carries over into food, beers, conversation. What to wear, when you want to work out but look cute afterwards, too?

Enter Wolven Threads, a Los Angeles swim & activewear company that’s showing at “Miami Days and Nights” thanks to PhillyU/Jefferson U fashion major (and blogger!) Nicole Boychuck.

Nicole interned for sustainable fashion company “Wolven Threads” last Fall — and liked it so much she became a “pack member!” She’s now working hard for this growing company, and eager to share her ups & downs as she learns how to live a greener, gentler life… with style.

Nicole in yoga crop top and shorts

But first — you’re a senior during PhillyU’s big name change to Jefferson U.  What’s the deal with your diploma?  

Since I’m so close to my last semester (spring ’18), I should be able to graduate as a “PhilaU” student.

The merger is… interesting. I’m glad I’ll have PhilaU on my diploma, because I’m not sure how beneficial it will be having a fashion degree from a primarily health science university like TJU. 

However, I think there’s always benefits to combining two completely different factors. Having such creative students join forces with more textbook-savvy ones might create some really interesting opportunities and projects. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will all be executed.

Nicole in Alden Park’s new outdoor pool

What’s up with you & Wolven Threads?

I applied for an internship because I admired their company ethos, especially the sustainability aspect behind the brand.  The fabric they use is recycled from plastic water bottles! And it’s anti-bacterial, quick-drying, moisture-wicking… everything you want in active wear.

Also, it’s a really cool company  — the owner is an artist who creates these beautiful patterns in colors you see in Nature.  Amazing prints, they’re based on Indian art, very vibrant and visual. We’ve got an “Ambassadors” program for yoga instructors and other sustainability advocates to get involved with the brand.  The company is LA-based but I’m telecommuting for now!

Did working for a sustainable clothing company change how you viewed fashion?

Definitely. I’m more aware of the choices I make every day. After hearing how harmful the meat industry is, for example,  I stopped buying meat at the grocery store and I’ve been a vegetarian every since.

Going green with clothes has been a bit more difficult. I always choose faux or vegan leather/fur when shopping. And I try to seek out other brands that commit to a sustainable supply chain. I wish there were more of those!

Any tips for others trying to leave less of an environmental impact?

Cut plastic out of your life!  Reusable S’well water bottles are cute, handy accessories you can just throw in your purse — they make great gifts, too. Try to be aware of all the sneaky ways plastic ends up in our lives, like in “fast fashion,” where all these cheap clothes you can buy for nothing are usually made from plastic-based fibers that take hundreds of years to break down. Trends change, and all these synthetics wind up in landfills.    

So I go thrifting a lot! Instead of sending an old shirt to the dump, I’m happy to give it a new life. Plus, I get to wear something unique instead of the same old Forever 21/Urban Outfitters stuff.

Also, choosing to eat meat or not doesn’t have to be an  all or nothing thing. Just going meatless one or two meals a day (or week) can make a significant impact on the environment.

Is this really you in the Alden Park photo shoot?

Yes! Another one of my assorted job duties, lol! It’s my second shoot here, actually, my favorite place to model. Like something out of a glamorous old movie set!

I’m pretty comfortable in all different settings though — I take tons of photos for my fashion blog Wanderess World. Both of my parents were photographers, so it makes sense I guess that I’m drawn to the camera (truth be told, I prefer being behind the lens rather than in front).

What do you like best about the Wolven Threads clothes in your closet? Favorite pieces?

Favorite pieces are easy: I have never really worn one-piece bathing suits before but I am totally obsessed with the Awakening One Piece that we just released this summer. So comfortable! Moves with me even for stand-up paddleboard yoga, but still looks sexy & feminine.

The first outfit I fell in love with, though, I still wear all the time: the Blue Dream yoga crop top with Aqua Aura leggings. So pretty!

What I think is so great about Wolven Threads — on top of how environmentally-friendly they are — is that 5% of their profits help support yoga for at-risk & incarcerated youth. These clothes are literally helping bring positive change to the world, how awesome is that?

Sign up for their newsletter for sales & new arrivals.  And look out for one-offs like custom vintage denim jackets that incorporate Wolven Threads vibrant prints plus trim, tassels, and other fun embellishments.

THANK YOU, NICOLE:  Use promo code NICOLE30 at for 30% off your order!

Photographer — Zach Miscavage
Models — Emily Susavage & Nicole Boychuck
Location — Alden Park (East Falls, Philadelphia)
Wolven Threads on FACEBOOK
Nicole’s blog at


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