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Join our new Facebook Live adventure, where we’re buying one thing at East Falls Farmer’s Market every Saturday from now until it wraps in November. 

Northwest Philly is blessed with a number of great farm stands and markets – scroll down for some of our nearby favorites – and truthfully they could all use our support. Along with better food, small farms provide for better health, environment, wildlife, community. And they’re fun!

Especially in East Falls, where the Farmer’s Market often includes music, yoga, food trucks, family activities, workshops…. Plus produce and vendors, of course. It’s like a little block party every Saturday under the Twin Bridges, by a beautiful, bridge-strung stretch in the Schuylkill River.

It’s just about the perfect location, with ample parking plus three great brunch spots: In Riva, Le Bus and Trolley Car Café are right there. But the Falls presents challenges nonetheless. Since rebooting in 2016, the East Falls Farmer’s Market has maddeningly failed to hit its stride. Which is a bummer for all the great vendors and volunteers who have been working hard to promote unique local goods and fresh seasonal eating.

This year, Local friend and contributor Justine Bacon – 4+ year resident and owner of Yoga Brain on Conrad Street — steps up as the Market’s newest Board member. Justine’s ready for a big year of growth, and inviting nearby neighbors to please stop by and show these farmers and artisans some love.

And say hi to Justine — and Julia and Penni too (who makes the coolest greeting cards, btw)! Market volunteers can hook you up with vendor or performance space, help you find something you’re looking for, take your suggestions and product recommendations. Even help you find inner peace: Yoga Brain’s 12pm yoga class here is open to all levels and just $10 (rent a mat for just $2 if you don’t have one).

So the Market opened May 11th and runs till November, that’s like 24 Saturdays. This is our plan: to buy one thing at the Market every weekend. Just one – to make it as easy as possible for us to stop by on our way down to MLK Drive while it’s open for bikes.

We’ll Facebook Live or otherwise document the experience for social media & Instagram and hopefully help remind folks to check out this cool little river event that’s conveniently situated and surprisingly uncrowded (for now). Plenty of room for dogs and strollers.

Follow our local shopping odyssey on Facebook at The Local page or the East Falls Rants public group. Instagram, too (especially Stories, where we really let our hair down).

MAY 11: Our first purchase: COOKIES! Amira’s Delights are all natural and vegan, sold in 5oz packages of silver dollar-sized rounds. Of course I reached for the chocolate ones, which I was told are the invention of the owner’s sister, a PhD who requested chocolate chocolate-chip cookies for her graduation party. ‘But I don’t make that kind of cookie,” Amira told her, to which she replied, “Throw some cranberries in too.”

I was promised this recipe would make me smart. Steve tells me the effects are not noticeable yet so I’m thinking I probably need a higher dosage (good thing I can order more on their website). Speaking of Steve, he chose Citrus Sugar cookies which I had scoffed at for not being chocolate, but then later that night they were the best thing ever with a cup of hot tea. Well done, Steve.

Whatever will we buy this Saturday…? Fruits? Veggies? Booze? More cookies? If you have any suggestions for vendors we should look for or great deals to share – or other markets we should list below– please let us know in the comments.

(EF Farmers Market in 2018)

And send us pics of your own East Falls Farmers Market adventures! If we use your image, we’ll credit you and thank you profusely in our weekly newsletter.

East Falls Farmers Market
Under the Twin Bridges
Saturdays 10am to 2pm now thru November


Germantown Kitchen Garden Farm Stand & Nursery
215 East Penn Street
Saturdays 9am – 1pm

Germantown & School House Farmers Market
Germantown Ave & E. Schoolhouse Lane
Thursdays 3 – 7pm

Henry Got Crops Farm Market
7095 Henry Avenue (Roxborough)
Tuesdays & Fridays noon – 7pm

Pretzel Park Farmers Market
4300 Silverwood Street (Manayunk)
Saturdays 10am – 2pm

Heritage Farm Market
4300 Monument Road (Wynnefield)
Thursdays 3:30 – 5:30pm

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  1. Thanks to The Local for embracing our Market. We like to think of East Falls Farmer’s Market as The Little Engine That Could. We look forward to seeing what you purchase every week. The only way we can continue to grow, is through both local and surrounding community support. See you and Steve next week at the Market !

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