RAH Revival Continues

A rehab Renaissance nextdoor. 

The neighborhood around Ridge, Allegheny, and Hunting Park — aka RAH — has been undergoing a growth spurt lately, not limited to new construction from outside developers. Older homes, too, are being renovated to accommodate the influx of professionals who’ve discovered this artsy, affordable area bordering East Falls. In fact, this community (which now seems to favor the name “Paradise”) was once called the “Lower Falls” and was the outer limits for St. Bridget’s parish.

Today, Fallsers are once again engaging with this neighborhood, including two friends who are eager to join in the revival. Jasmine Fields (of Trolley Car Café) recently bought her first home here and is working with RAH leaders Mark Green and Rose Cooper to personalize her space in tandem with their goals for a quiet, family atmosphere.

And local stucco master Kevin McCafferty’s been hard at work beautifying exteriors along Allegheny and West Moreland. “I got to as many as I could before the cold winter hit,” he told us, “Now it’ll be basement concrete jobs till spring.” He also does plaster work, which is especially in demand for all the historic homes in our corner of NW Philly.

Kevin McCafferty
Experienced local contractor lives above Murphy’s and stands proudly by his work. Specializing in stucco, drivit, and all plastering jobs — big and small.

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