Rainbow Connection

Double rainbows? What does it mean?!

#TBT: Posted to the Facebook group Living in Germantown around 7:30 pm on 9-12-18 (yesterday evening)

Rachel Turk   Germantown Ave. I imagined all of the buildings not there all of the crime not there and just marveled at the beauty of The Magnificent Lord ?


Maggie O.   Yes… Imagine. “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…”

Gloria R.  Somewhere over the rainbow.

Lorraine V.  Don’t you wish? That life were like rainbows. That you could just glide with them. And be someplace else.

When we followed up with Rachel, she told us, “I was driving home after picking my children up and one of them spotted the rainbow. We were driving down Wister toward Germantown Ave and took the left and there it was as big as it could be. I figured at no other time on our route would so much of the rainbow be showing, so I felt as if I had to capture it then. Good thing there was no traffic near me!”

Thanks, Rachel, for sharing this awesome photo of this week’s brilliant double rainbow over Germantown Avenue. Lookin’ good, G-town!

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