Reader Review: Takeout from Terron

Yummy veggie food — contact-free and budget-friendly. A review by Local reader Shannon Mahoney. 

Happy Covid-19! I’m up, I’m down. We all are experiencing a myriad of highs and lows and that is all I will say. I’m talked out when it comes to guessing what’s next so I’ll stay superficial for now.

Stay home. Shop local. Feed yourself well.

During this pandemic, mealtimes are often the highlight of our days. Eating is an essential need, and good food provides one little glimmer of happiness we can count on. But cooking & shopping can be a hassle. When you’re ready to take a break from the kitchen, you can do no better than Terron, our neighborhood’s fantastic vegetarian spot on Conrad (formerly Milo Restaurant).

It’s the small things that make Terron such a standout – and my go-to treat for global flavors in East Falls. If I plan on getting Terron that day, I walk lighter, smile brighter, and then count-down the clock when it’s finally time to order.

Here’s what to get:

Let’s start with this deal of a meal. The lunch special is a selection of 3 different sandwiches or tacos (6 total options)—including a cookie! — for under $10. Add a drink for $1 more. Local lunch delivery is FREE and contactless. Valid during lunch on weekdays.

The deal is so sweet because any of the sammies can be turned into a light lunch for two and because their chocolate chip cookie is the perfect ending to ALL of Terron’s dishes. I could write a review on the cookie alone! In short, it’s the perfect size, texture, and flavor. I like to eat all around the edges and save the last 2-3 inside bites like the sycophant of chocolate that I am.

I’d rank the lunch sammies from high to low as Philly Magic Cheese Steak, Spicy Bahn Mi, and then the Impossible Meatball. I’ve yet to truly like any meatball substitute that I’ve tried anywhere though; not a fennel chick I guess.

As for the tacos, my ordering is the Bella Bing, Caulifornia, and then Kimchi. They are all so different, it depends on what you are in the mood for too. The Bella Bing and the Cheese Steak are both creamy, mushroomy, and packed with that home-cooked meal goodness which is probably why I rank them and the Shroomy Mac and Cheese as my top favorite items at Terron. I’m biased to all foods with an attempt at dairy; you’ve caught me.

Let’s talk about that mac. I ordered it last night and I ate it again today for lunch. The afterglow being the impetus to finally sit down and write this piece for The Local. The takeout container managing the savory pasta begs for reinforcement as I struggle to carry it single-handedly out of the bag, transfer it like fresh-baked goods to my dining room table, and pop open the folds to reveal an overflowing of shells and smells.

It takes my primordial satiation instincts to stop me from eating any more than half. It’s that big. Oh and there are two sexy pieces of seasoned bread in case there wasn’t enough carbs for you. My partner ordered the Zesty Moroccan, which is another household favorite. I steal the small cup of beans that comes with that meal to examine what Chef Fred has conjured up for this side dish batch.

That handheld container of mixed beans is part of the anticipation. Sometimes it’s more packed with chickpeas than black beans and other times the novel flavoring keeps me guessing all night about what it is my mouth is tasting. But to the core, that bean mix is why I love trying to be vegan. When you eat more vegetables, you start to realize how many different ways you can create flavor combinations. Maybe I am just an amateur foodie, but it wasn’t until I started shopping vegan that I learned this.

Terron’s ever-changing bean combination is such a shining example, because it changes, I’m assuming, on what extra ingredients the kitchen has or feels like using for that batch. The flavor components always shift slightly that my meal is automatically new and exciting each time. That giddy feeling of opening my Terron takeout bag is a thrill a lot of us are seeking under quarantine…….

Because food is a big deal these days. It’s a source of comfort, nourishment and even love. A delicious, satisfying meal is one of the most basic pleasures of being alive. So go get some Terron! Their fresh, exciting menu is just the thing to uplift and sustain us through these difficult times.

3426 Conrad St
Tuesday-Friday: 11am-2pm & 5pm-9pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm (Brunch menu) & 5pm-9pm
Sunday: 9am-2pm (Brunch menu)
Monday:  Closed

About Shannon Mahoney 1 Article
Shannon Mahoney is a Philly area native and current East Falls local. She’s trying her best to go full vegan, one taco at a time.

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