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Your brain -v- Sean Maguire’s trivia questions — see how well you do here, then come out to Quizzo bar trivia for fun and valuable prizes. Featuring everyone’s favorite local emcee…

“I am always proud of my @seanpmaguire16 but look how massive this crowd is for #quizzo at Wissahickon Brewing Company tonight!” — Casey Freeborn via Sean’s facebook page (photo credit)

What’s Quizzo, you ask? Play along at home here, then scroll down to see how well you did…


  1. Who won the Super Bowl last year?
  2. Which backup quarterback saved his team’s season and went on to win MVP of Super Bowl LII?
  3. What percentage of flowers bought on V-Day are bought by men?
  4. Which 1967 film stars Dustin Hoffman as a disillusioned college graduate who finds himself torn between his older lover and her daughter?
  5. Who once tweeted “The world needs a guy like me. The world needs somebody to not be scared and tell his truth,” Kanye West or Donald Trump?
  6. Which 20th century president became a Supreme Court Justice after leaving office?
  7. Which president died 30 days after taking office, supposedly because he caught a cold at his Inauguration Speech?
  8. Who is the only President to have come from Pennsylvania?
  9. What is the number 2 in Roman numerals?
  10. What Philly area native came in 2nd place on the first season of American Idol?

(answers & key below  — NO CHEATING!)

ANSWERS: 1. Eagles  2. Nick Foles  3. 65%  4. The Graduate  5. Kanye West  6. William Howard Taft  7. William Henry Harrison  8. James Buchanan  9. II  10. Justin Guarini

EAST FALLS QUIZZO: It’s a game, it’s a floorshow. Sean Maguire’s an award-winning performer with roots in NYC’s prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade.  He’s a rising star — or at least some kind of comet.

Catch his funny, interactive trivia competition as it orbits favorite local bars and restaurants: Mondays at La Roca (Manayunk), Thursdays at WBC, every other Tuesday at Murphy’s, and many more comic opportunities you can find on his website seanpmaguire.com. 

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Stand-up comedian, aspiring flannel model, and man about town Sean Maguire works his quizzo magic at Murphy's Irish Saloon, Wissahickon Brewing, and other local venues. When he is not embarrassing himself onstage or in front of a microphone, Sean can be found debating which flannel shirt to wear for the day or agonizing over why the Phillies stink so much.

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