Adding on Division

Is there room for three new townhomes if you subtract a triple garage?

Division Street is a narrow dead-end passage off Conrad Street in East Falls — basically an alley for half the street whose backyards butt up to it. Opposite, a stretch of rowhomes faces front and rises on an incline along an old wall of Wissahickon schist. Street parking squeezes in where it can.

Seems an unlikely spot to try to fit three modern townhomes but hang on a sec: while the plans are for new construction, the proposed lot already has three garages on it. The developer would simply demo that structure and rebuild the three garages with single-family homes on top, plus roof deck (and roof access).

Not so fast, though. When divided three ways, the lot provides 630 sq ft per townhome — that’s 510 sq ft less than the City’s 1140 sq ft requirement for single family homes here. The developer will need a variance from Philadelphia’s Zoning Board, and the first step is presenting their plans to the community for approval & feedback.

At November’s EFCC meeting, zoning chair Hilary Langer announced this project will be on the agenda for the neighborhood’s scheduled zoning meeting Wednesday November 18th at 7pm via ZOOM. Click to attend meeting.

Meanwhile, peep this property on Atlas, Philadelphia’s “front door” for real estate research, history, permits, crime reports, and more. Check in with East Falls Forward, the neighborhood’s other RCO and only democratic zoning body, for more info, including architectural plans and renderings when available.

Can’t make the meeting? Email us your questions/concerns or add them below in the comments.

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  1. Division Street is too narrow to do that. The drilling and pounding from machines may have an effect on the homes around the property because of their age. If the garages aren’t being used maybe the city could remove them and make a small lot, for the already there residents, to park or maybe a small green space.

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