Halloween on the Streets of East Falls

Local black cat shares his insights on the neighborhood, and photos of his favorite Halloween houses this season. As told to Leslie Levy of Time Out for Pets.

An interview with Noche, resident black cat of New Queen 

How do you feel about Halloween?

As I am no longer a youngster, I now pay more attention to Halloween and Mischief nights because there are some people who act crazy when they see a black cat — they believe that bad tale about running across a black cat.

I enjoy the holiday trappings, though:  East Falls really goes all-out with porch decorations, which I find myself admiring on my jaunts about town. Recently, I snuck out with my mom’s smart phone for some pics of my favorites!

Why don’t you wear a collar?

My mother tried unsuccessfully to get me to wear collars, but they always seemed to come off… I even got stuck in a vegetable garden… those who know my Mom have put the collars back on her porch, but I told her to forget it.  I know who I am and where I live.

What was a scary experience for you?

Two years ago a lady took me inside her house and told me I had no business being outside so much. My mother was frantic and blanketed the neighborhood with signs saying I was missing. The woman called Mom and gave her an earful saying I should not be out so much. (I tried to explain to the lady, I WANT TO BE OUTSIDE and do my neighborhood jobs and that I go inside my home whenever I want, but she did not listen.)  Finally the lady agreed to let me go. My mother got me chipped so in case this would ever happen again…..

What are some of your favorite pastimes?

– I like being part of the neighborhood watch—I make my presence known to unsavory characters.

– I like walking people to the train.

– I like making sure that Steve, owner of Apollo’s Pizza, makes excellent turkey sandwiches… I get tidbits from him and I guard his front and back doors.

–  I love walking with my brother, Worf, a 14 year-old Great Dane-Pitt mix.  When my brothers, Toby and Mazel passed, I missed them so, but now I nuzzle this old guy that looks like a dinosaur!

How did you “choose” your home?

One August morning 13 years ago, I was quite hungry. I was sick of my old neighborhood which shall remain nameless, and heard that East Falls was more upscale. My nose took me to the yard behind my mother’s house. I smelled her cats and started crying. She came outside and said, “if you can get over this wall, we will talk.”  That’s all I needed to hear. Five minutes later I was eating Fancy Feast.

So what’s your favorite food?

Fancy Feast, fish and shrimp feast. My dry food is a combination of Blue-adult, Purina Naturals, Fancy Feast chicken- turkey and and a tiny bit of kitten food!

Do you have any bad habits?

I do some “marking” which I know annoys some people. Usually most people forgive me because of my affectionate, endearing personality.  Only one family no longer talks to my Mom because they insist I visit their garden too often.

Did you ever frighten one of your fans?

Yes, just last week I caught a mouse and was screaming with glee. One of my favorite people, who also feeds me when Mom is away, heard me and got out of bed to make sure I was ok. There I was admiring my mouse in front of her house! Good thing Nadine loves me!!

What do you do in the cold or rain?

I can always go in my Mom’s house. However, I prefer the insulated cave she made on our porch last winter that she will soon construct again!

Any final thoughts?

I am no longer a youngster (about 14).  Please respect how much I love my neighborhood.  Don’t get alarmed if I sneak in your house. I am a congenial, serene guy.

Leslie Levy and her partner Theodore Sheridan are highly experienced pet-sitters who provide clients with all the love, attention, and care they need. Visit their website TimeOutForPets.com for more information, or follow them on Facebook.

ed Note: EastFallsLocal.com does not recommend “outside cats” but recognizes the active debate on the issue, and embraces the reality that both cats and cat owners are gonna do what they’re gonna do.

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  1. Aww! This was adorable. Noche is a sweet little guy. I used to see him all the time on my way home from the train station, but hadn’t seen him since my commute changed. Glad to hear he’s still up and about, enjoying another Halloween season 🙂

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