The Doctor Will Free You Now

Turns out it isn’t an apple a day that keeps the doctor away. It’s the healthcare system.

Nick Malfitano (left) and Greg Skochko at the Murphy’s Mile race.

Constant billing hurdles, increasing costs, and provider requirements for larger patient loads made Dr. Greg Skochko feel further away from his patients than ever.

“The typical doctor handles about 2,000 patients,” Skochko says. “It’s the only way in the traditional system to make a profit. There’s this pressure to add more and more patients. I became a doctor to care for patients but when you’re seeing so many patients

that you only have an average of 8 minutes with each one, it’s not medicine – it’s an assembly line. It’s bad for the patient, which is the reason I got into medicine in the first place.”

So what’s the solution? Greg believes it’s a new model that’s been gaining traction in the healthcare field – direct primary care. Rather than go through the maze of healthcare billing, patients or employers pay fees directly to practices. This means lower costs, fewer unnecessary tests, and a greater degree of access to, and time with, your doctor. It’s a model Greg is excited to bring to East Falls this year. “We’re starting construction in a 2,000 square foot space in the DNB First bank building on Ridge Ave.” (MAP LINK)

Even more exciting, Greg’s practice will draw on multiple providers – Chris McKenzie, a physical therapist from Conrad Street, Marjorie Nolan Cohn, a dietitian and owner of MNC Nutrition, Dr. Dana Mincer, and others to provide care from multiple disciplines – all aimed at providing a better patient experience and outcomes.

For more info, call Salveo Wellness Center at 215.381.7969 or visit their website.

Keep an eye on The Local for updates in coming months.

Fun on the Run

With the weather getting nicer, take a fun run with the East Falls Flyers, where Greg is an active member. The group meets rain or shine, 6:30PM Mondays at the Falls Bridge on Kelly Drive. After a relaxed river loop, they hit different local spot to refuel and socialize. All paces, all welcome. Check out their Facebook page for more info.



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