QUIZZO: March 2021

Trivia for our One Year Anniversary in Quarantine

A very weird milestone, indeed. Let’s hit some COVID highlights from these past 12 months, and see how well you know your shutdown stuff. 

Enjoy this Quick Quizzo Fix at your convenience. For answers, click over to page 23 of the Local’s March Edition — or pick up printed copy for free at various locations in East Falls, Germantown and Allegheny West.

How “coronaware” are you?! Twelve questions, GO: 

  1. (March 12) The NBA was the first American sports league to cancel games over the Coronavirus outbreak, after two players on which Western Conference team tested positive for the virus? 
  2. (March 12) Together with his wife Rita Wilson, which Hollywood actor announced he has the Coronavirus? 
  3. (March 19) Which World Leader, with ties to East Falls, became the first Head of State to contract the virus? 
  4. (March 26) In addition to making all of their premium content free for a month, which adult video site also pledged to donate 50,000 surgical masks to medics and first responders in NYC? 
  5. (April 23) Adding that she “doesn’t have the virus,” a woman was accused on spitting at people at which Italian Market cheese shop this week? 
  6. (May 1) At Anthony Fauci’s request, who made a surprise cameo last weekend on SNL and played the doctor in the Cold Open? 
  7. (May 1) After President Trump made comments suggesting people could get an injection of the stuff that would knock out Coronavirus, the makers of which household cleaning product warned against internal use of their products? 
  8. (July 28) While playing the Phillies, which MLB team came down with 18+ cases of COVID-19 this week? 
  9. (July 30) RIP to which Tea Party activist and 2012 Presidential candidate who, less than a month after tweeting “masks are not mandatory” and the “PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”, died of COVID-19? 
  10. (September 8) While banning indoor dining in his city, which PA mayor was caught dining inside in Maryland this week? 
  11. (November 2) Though the hologram of her father couldn’t make the trip, which “celebrity” threw a birthday party for herself and dozens of friends on a private island in the middle of a global pandemic? 
  12. (February 3) At one point the largest vaccine site in the city, the CEO of which local org got into hot water this week when it was revealed that he took doses of the COVID vaccine home to his friends? 

Remember, you’ll find the answers in this month’s edition of The Local newspaper (inside back cover). Thank you for supporting independent community news!

Sean at WBC (2019)

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Stand-up comedian, aspiring flannel model, and man about town Sean Maguire works his quizzo magic at Murphy's Irish Saloon, Wissahickon Brewing, and other local venues. When he is not embarrassing himself onstage or in front of a microphone, Sean can be found debating which flannel shirt to wear for the day or agonizing over why the Phillies stink so much.

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