Rage Against the Machine

Fed-up Gtown residents charge at incumbent Councilmember Cindy Bass with a scathing new video & an Independent challenger.

Ouch! A group calling itself the Committee for Community Driven Change in the 8th Councilmanic District released a nine-minute video that details a painful litany of failures in Germantown over the last 8 years with our current councilmember. “Two Terms is Enough for Cindy Bass” uses footage from public meetings and around the neighborhood to make the case that time and time again, Cindy has let the community down.

It begins with a clip of Cindy at a recent GHS meeting, insisting she never acts without her constituents’ support. “This is a community driven process!” Cut to trash blowing down Chelten Avenue on a typical Monday morning, and an indictment of the GSSD debacle. The video goes on to cover Germantown High School, the Women’s YMCA, Town Hall, the Boys & Girls Club, Hamill Mills and even the lack of protections for our historic architecture.

Cindy’s clip from the GHS meeting comes back around, but the second time it’s longer and you can see the community is booing her down. “This is a community driven process!” she repeats to the faces of frustrated and disappointed neighbors. It’s pretty heart-breaking.

We were at that meeting. Cindy had been caught – red-handed — negotiating with developers for public lands behind everyone’s back. Gtowners were seriously pissed! And, evidently, some still are. At least, the members of the CFCDCIT8CD (?) are coming out swinging for this election.

“We need new leadership that recognizes the importance of these issues,” the video concludes, “Please help move Germantown ahead while remembering its past.” Finally, an action step: vote for 8th District challenger Greg Paulmier, almost as an after-thought (his name doesn’t even appear on screen). Which is interesting…

The final shot of “Two Terms is Enough for Cindy Bass”

Perhaps the 8th District race isn’t so much about Greg’s qualifications vs Cindy’s, but instead it’s a strike back against the abusive “business as usual” party politics undermining our community? In this sense, Greg’s already won.

Polls are open from 7am to 8pm
Locate your polling place here.

Remember: voters have the most influence in local government — this election puts a lot of power in our hands. “Councilmanic Prerogative” is a thing in Philadelphia, and it’s crucial we demand fairness and transparency from our council members, who wield astounding power over the districts they serve.

We’ll update this post with results and reactions as they come in.

Click for a summary of candidates and issues.

Information from the League of Women Voters on the controversial “Marsy’s Law” ballot question, plus details of a last-minute suit filed by the ACLU who says the amendment is unconstitutional.


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