Thanks, Trolley Car!

Remembering an East Falls establishment

Change is inevitable and happens everyday. Yet, many times the changes we experience sting us, as if it were a brand-new concept. Though Trolley Car Café has closed its doors this summer, there are some memories that will persist beyond the establishment itself; That is a testament to Trolley Car’s contributions to our community, to which we are forever grateful. Cheers to you Trolley Car! We will never forget you. May the Bathey House be filled once again with delicious food and even better memories!

Comments from the Have an East Falls Life, Folks! Facebook page

I remember when I worked at the cafe starting in 2018, shortly after renovations, for a little over a year. I’m born and raised in East Falls and I got to know and serve so many new members of the community that I never encountered before being employed there. It was wonderful. I also met my fiancé there! We worked side by side, and have come a long way since then! We now both live in East Falls, together, a few blocks away. I’d like to see a new cafe there! This time add a full bar with alcohol, and also a full barista bar! Offer a bakery and fresh coffee drinks in the front and dining and dinner service in the back! – Rachel T.

Alexandra & Courtney 😢 we need to get the Dutch pancakes 1 more time before it closes. – Shelley B.

I was having a lovely breakfast on the back terrace of Trolley Car Café when it struck me — this was the perfect place to stage the play I was co-writing with director Bill Felty for Philadelphia Theatre Workshop! TURNPIKE, a murder mystery, was set in a diner in 1972. So why not launch it in a real restaurant with actual diners in close proximity to the actors? Knowing that the owner, Ken Weinstein, was an arts supporter, I proposed performing our play there and amazingly, he said yes! – Kathy A. (Editor’s note: Check out the NW Local story about “Turnpike” here.)


Ugh, we really like this place and are sad to see it go 😟 hoping another great restaurant will take its place! – Kimberly W.

Sucks – this place went above and beyond to treat its customers well and its employees better than the legal minimum. Jasmine Fields deserves a ton of credit for making it a staple of the corridor. It will be greatly missed by a lot of people. – Sean S.

We are seeking a new quality restaurant tenant for the Bathey House that currently houses the Café. It is a wonderful location and I know it will be the future home of a thriving food business that continues to serve our East Falls community! Interested restaurant operators should contact JeJuan Ford at – Ken W.

Attention Entrepreneurs!
Looking to continue the Trolley Car tradition or create a new one of your own in a turnkey restaurant and catering space for lease? A few details about the location:

  • 2,858 square feet plus a generous outdoor dining area
  • Seating for 100 inside and 85 outside
  • Newly constructed dining room and kitchen addition
  • Plenty of off street parking
  • In the heart of East Falls!

Click here for pics and more info

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