Paranormal Special Bulletin: SUMMONING SANTOS

New evidence suggests Congressman is a “thoughtform” literally made of lies.

Supernatural channels have been replete with reports linking freshman Rep George Santos with certain identifying factors seen in rare and extreme manifestations of collective human energy. According to renowned occultists, an “egregore” is a non-physical entity that arises from the concerted thoughts of a distinct group of people. The concept has its roots in ancient Greece and is featured in the Bible (the Book of Enoch) as well as Buddhist and Islamic holy writings.

As metaphysical phenomena, egregores tend to be positive influences on the living; however, sometimes an egregore receives so much energy it takes on a vitality of its own to become a walking, talking being capable of great irritation and even destruction. These aberrant “thoughtforms” seek no other purpose but to promote the spiritual agenda they were created from.

“George Santos is disinformation incarnate,” said Local contributor Dr. Karl von Lichtenhöllen, who has studied egregores for decades as chair of the prestigious Paranormal Studies department at Blödsinn Universität. His research indicates that such a material embodiment is possible through the channeling of “PK” energy– similar to poltergeist activity, except instead of deriving power from teenage angst, it feeds on public fears and dysfunction of a much greater scale.

“This spontaneous political actualization is the plausible result of millions of Americans consuming media intended to deceive and infuriate them,” he explained. Dr. Karl has flagged five key traits in George Santos’s history and behavior that, he says, prove the Congressman’s inhuman origins.

    1. MULTIPLE NAMES – George Santos is also known as Anthony Zabrovsky, George Devolder and Kitara Ravache (a female persona), among other monikers. “It’s not usually this challenging to confirm a person’s real name,” said Dr. Karl, “When they actually exist.”
    2. UNVERIFIABLE PAST – He’s Jewish, he’s Catholic; his mom was a maid, she was an executive; he was a child actor, a college athlete, a model, a Broadway producer, a real estate tycoon… “It’s almost like he just materialized out of thin air, and is making stuff up as he goes along, isn’t it?” said Dr. Karl, adding that it’s “quite tell-tale” that he’s left so little verifiable trace on the world to date
    3. FASHION PLATE – The saying, “Clothes make the man” is doubly true for egregoric substantiations which use style archetypes to signal social status and convey personal charm where none exists. The NY Times observed Santos has “built his cover story layer by layer, garment by garment” to “push buttons” in our subconscious (and distract us from his true essence).
    4. LACK OF CORE PRINCIPLES — Even the weakest human among us will have some form of moral or logical compass directing their actions. Not so for sentient mass delusions like Santos, who are capable of breathtaking pretense and hypocrisy. “There’s no ‘they’ there,” said Dr. Karl, “It’s all just a reflection of the collective energy empowering it.”
    5. MAGICAL THINKING – He tried to deflect investigative journalists with donuts. He doubled down on fraudulent financial documents. He wore a stolen Burberry scarf on national TV. “As a product of mass misinformation, Santos can only assume that he can create his own reality, which in a way he can,” said Dr. Karl, who noted that the resulting outrage is just more energy for him to feed on. “It’s like a vicious cycle,” he said.

The good news is: if we indeed conjured him, then we can send him away. The first step? We need to cut off George Santos’s energy supply – we can’t keep participating in the spread of disinformation and conspiracies. This fallout doesn’t just feed itself, but it cuts us off from each other, and stops us from listening. “That’s the one thing all humans want, to be heard and understood,” said Dr. Karl, “And malignant presences like Santos simply cannot thrive in a calm, thoughtful environment.”

For Dr. Karl, it’s imperative that we all “take it down a notch” with each other, and remember that “the bigger jerks we are, the bigger jerk he is.” It’s also important that we learn the skills needed to protect ourselves from the tricks, ruses, omissions, and various devices that thoughtforms, egregores, and other bad faith manipulators use to convince us to fall prey to their exploitation.

“The main thing is to beware of stories that are too perfect, that immediately strike an emotional chord,” said Dr. Karl, “When you feel yourself reacting, do a search and see what some neutral sources say.” Use to check factual and ideological bias of thousands of news outlets and freelance journalists. “Modern politics is fast-moving and complex by design,” Dr. Karl stressed, “But we have the tools to step away from the fray, where we can see context and nuance needed to accurately inform our opinions.”

Every move we make towards empowering truth in America cuts off that much psychic oxygen supporting the likes of George Santos. Pro Tip: the Community Disinformation Action Hub promotes simple things we can all practice, that will fortify our defenses against even the most conniving and convincing narratives, hell-bent on destroying our tranquility for their gain. Dr. Karl urges all of us to “do our part” to banish George Santos back to the ethos he came from.

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